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Once a month FREIRAD (free radio Innsbruck, Austria) picks out one of it’s recent radio-shows and sends it to Toulouse: political talk, literature, social policy, discussions … all in German (and somtimes slightly Tyrolean) language. Learn a bit more about the « alpine » point of view on contemporary subjects. Get to know some social, political and cultural initiatives or other committed people and associations. There’s more to it than just yodeling … In exchange we receive a radio-show of ONDE COURTE every month for the programm « Carte Blanche« . Radio-Ping-Pong between Toulouse and Innsbruck.

Le programme est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence de libre diffusion Creative Commons Attribution – Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale – Pas de Modification 4.0 International.
Durée : 40 minutes environ
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Décembre 2018 :: Radiocast #0011 – Vom gelungenen Leben


Novembre 2018 :: Radiocast #010 – Brennnessel Hauskollektiv

Für viele Menschen Innsbrucks wird die Wohnsituation immer prekärer. Doch ein innovatives Gegenkonzept zum Wohnungsmarkt findet sich im Brennnessel-Hauskollektiv, welches es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, ein selbstorganisiertes Mietshaus-Projekt Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen.


Octobre 2018 :: Radiocast #009 – Projekt Clusterfuck

Projekt Clusterfuck is a Radioshow presenting radio-essays about everything and nothing – from the dust to motorway service areas, from the overlapping of black metal and blues to nothingness. More information:
Maker: Max Mayr

Episode 1:

Fotografie und Wirklichkeit // Photography and Reality
How do photography and reality correlate with each other?

Episode 2:
Fotografie und Bedeutung / Photography and Meaning
How do photography and meaning correlate with each other?

Septembre 2018 :: Radiocast #008 – „Turmbau zu Babel. Mehr+Sprachig oder Sprachverwirrung?“


The Tower of Babel. Multilingual or Multiconfused?
If you take a look on Google Trends you can see that the online search for the word “multilingualism” has increased. In asian and african countries the use of more than one language has long been part of the every day life, where as in Europe multilingualism has been a topic of discussion for years. But the
question is – what exactly is multilingualism and how does it appear in the 21. century?
This show tries to find some answers to those questions by showing different views from different disciplines and countries.

Moderation: Dominik Unterthiner und Lisa Koller
Technik: Joe „Nepumuk“ Tiefenbrunner
Mit Beiträgen von: Dominik Unterthiner, Bryan Blender, René Foidl und Maria Rainer
Koordination: Klaus Schennach

Août 2018 :: Radiocast # – pause d’été

Juillet 2018 :: Radiocast #007 – Voice of Peace

(Voice of Peace #61) Dans ce programme, il y a trois parties pour vous; une discussion sur l’élection en Autriche avec Carolin Vonbank, sur le réfugié syrien (Najaw Fatouh- poète persan) au Liban, nominé pour le prix de la paix des enfants.

Juin 2018 :: Radiocast #008 – Hölabor #4 – 2018

From the a monasterial library to virtual spheres: About the project ‘Erschließung der Handschriften der ULB Tirol’ (exploitation of the handwritings of the tyrolian university library).
(Anna Obererlacher)

Crush Zone
(Nadine Isser)

„The flow of Alazka 2018“ – An Interview with the singer
(Jennifer Wachter)

Heard of Noise – Live-talk with Chris Koubek
(Judith Brenneis)

Tapes, Tapes, Tapes – Talk with Albi Dornauer
(Roberta Hofer)

‘Die Tafel’ (the food bank) – food supply & life-saving measures
(Sandra Schildhauer)

The « Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys » making history
(Petra Mur)

Hosts: Judith Brenneis und Petra Mur

Mai 2018 :: Radiocast #007 – KulturTon

Episode 1 : Uni Konkret Magazin

Rituals – Studio-Talk with Marina Descovich
Since 10 years the Network Rituals Austria is organizing a symposium on topics like: welcome-celebrations, death & grief, marriage – feast of love, seperation, divorce, healing-rituals etc. and invites to dicuss about these and other rituals.Studio-talk by Marianna Kastlunger.

« Alternative facts » – non-word of the year 2017 (Germany)
Every year the « Sprachkritische Aktion: Unwort des Jahres » (language-critical campaign: non-word of the year) nominates the non-word of the year. Usually words used by right-wing-populists.A report by Philipp Abel (Radio Z)

Languages without borders
An interview with linguist Manfred Kienpointner from the University of Innsbruck about endangered languages and artificial createt languages. A report by Melanie Bartos (University of Innsbruck)

Marianna Kastlunger

Episode 2 : Peace in Tyrol and conflicts with international roommates.
An interview with Prof. Wolfgang Dietrich, UNESCO Chairholder in Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck.

Laurin Mauracher


Avril  2018 :: Radiocast #006 – KulturTon  – Gisela Hormayr / Lukas Morscher

Episode 1 : « If I could at least say good bye » : Studio-talk with Gisela Hormayr

The historian and author is guest in « Kulturgespräche » (culure-talks) with host Michael Haupt and presents her new book in which she collected farewell-letters of victims of the NS-regime in Tyrol.

More informations about the book « Wenn ich wenigstens von euch Abschied nehmen könnte » (2017 Studienverlag) can be found here:

Episode 2 : The potato and World War I : Studio-talk with Lukas Morscher

The people of North Tirol existential troubles to get enough food during World War I. They had to queue for many hours just to get a little amount of food or very often nothing at all. Especially milk, bread, sugar and meat were almost impossible to get. Very important in those years was the potato-plant.

Lukas Morscher of the city-archive in Innsbruck talks with Michael Haupt about this particular period in the history of Tirol and the alpine area.


Mars 2018 :: Radiocast #005 – Clusterfuck Project

Radio-essai de la série d’émissions projet Clusterfuck
Projekt Clusterfuck is a Radioshow presenting radio-essays about everything and nothing – from the dust to motorway service areas, from the overlapping of black metal and blues to nothingness.

Episode 1: Motorway service areas as non-places and places of desire ;
Episode 2: Language, translation and power in George Lucas’ “Start Wars” movies.

More information:

Février 2018 :: Radiocast #004 – Internationalen Tag gegen Faschismus und Antisemitismus

International day against fascism and antisemitism of the radio-series: « das mensch. gender queer on air » guest in the studio: Claudia Globisch (sociologist – University of Innsbruck) .

dear human,
you hear a show that was produced for the International day against fascism and antisemitism (9 November): In the studio with us is Claudia Globisch who is sociologist in the university of Innsbruck. Her main research-topics are antisemitism and right-wing extremism. She’s also organizer of the lecture course « The Dynamics of the Contemporary Far Right » which can also be re-listened on FREIRAD. She will talk with us about antisemitism (from left and right), right-wing extremism, right-wing populism and typical argumentation-patterns of that milieu.
makers: mar_ry, Katherina Dandler

Janvier 2018 :: Radiocast #003 – Völkische Verbindungen – Burschenschaften und Politik in Österreich

The Dynamics of the Present Right („Die Dynamik der gegenwärtigen Rechten“)
Dr. Bernhard Weidinger (Documentation Archive of Austrian Resistance) Moderation: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Max Preglau (Institute of Sociology / University of Innsbruck)

The lecture deals with the political significance of fraternities and other German national student associations in Austria. It deals with both boy’s history and ideology as well as the close relations of the fraternities with the FPÖ and extra-parliamentary right-wing extremism.

Dr. Weidinger works at the DÖW in Vienna and wrote his dissertation on academic fraternity and politics in Austria after 1945. His research interests include international right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism, student connections, masculinities and nationalistic nationalism.

Organization: Claudia Globisch (Institute of Sociology / University of Innsbruck) & Manuel Mayrl (Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Tirol)

Décembre 2017 :: Radiocast #002 – Kultur ton // avec 2 épisodes

Part 1. Danke! Die Tödliche Doris (Berlin in the 1980s)
An exibition in the gallery of the city Schwaz (in Tyrol, Austria) showed works of Kathe Kruse – an important figure in the subculture of 1980s Berlin. She was member of the music/perfomance-group “Die Tödliche Doris” (the deadly Doris) with Wolfgang Müller und Nikolaus Utermöhlen. They were the creators of the influential “not-movement” of the “brilliant dilettantes”. You hear interviews with Käthe Kruse, Cosima Rainer (of the city gallery Schwaz) and MatthiasOsterwold (Artdirector of the festival “Klanspuren” in Schwaz).

Part 2. The future of alpine-agriculture
The agriculture in the mountain-areas is of great significance for the life in the Alps. Nowadays it’s facing new challenges: to find a balance between economical and social requirements and environment friendly solutions. For the “Alpine-Convention” preserving is a must!
On September 13 and 14 there was a conference taking place regarding the future of mountainagriculture
in the alpine area organized by the Austrian presidency of the Alpine Convention with more than 300 participating organizations.

Novembre 2017 :: Radiocast #001 – Grüne Bildungswerkstatt – ”Die autoritäre Revolte”

”Die autoritäre Revolte” : The program explores the thought and action of contemporary far right movements, parties and actors from an interdisciplinary perspective. The invited speakers will discuss theoretical and empirical research on different countries and social groups and will offer explanations as well as reflections on the possibilities of educational work against right-wing extremism. Dr. Volker Weiß (Hamburg), Moderation: Mag. Nikolaus Hagen (University of Innsbruck)


About FREIRAD Freies Radio Innsbruck:

FREIRAD is a Free Radio with Open Access in the middle of the rather conservative province of Tyrol/Austria. We invite as many people as possible to bring their themes and content on air themselves. This appeal is directed particularly at individuals and groups that are largely ignored by established media. In this way we aim to counteract social marginalisation. FREIRAD is a medium for people and opinions. Critical and open. Socio-political and committed. Informative and varied. FREIRAD is a non-profit, non-commercial and transparent project, organised as an association and carried by the programme makers and other committed individuals. Come and visit us!