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Open Metalcast est une émission/podcast consacrée à la promotion de la musique Metal sous Licence Libre Creative Commons. Cette émission est le résultat de fouille sur Internet afin de trouver les meilleures musiques Metal sous Licence Libre  pour vos oreilles !

Licence : tout le contenu est sous licence Creative Commons.
Durée : 60 minutes en moyenne




Mai 2018 :: Radiocast #001 – Open Metalcast Episode #171 : Engines of Metal

The playlist 171 !
(00:11) What Normality Means? by Head Cleaner from Of Worms and Men (BY-NC-ND)
(02:32) Slaughter by Incinerator from The Stench of distress (BY-SA)
(06:14) Cabezas Huecas by Drop Out from Drop Out (BY-NC-ND)
(07:38) Waltz by With Teeth from Captives (BY-NC-ND)
(10:53) Crisis Atomica by GLAM from Veneno en sus flechas (BY-NC-SA)
(12:14) Termites by Most Likely Forever from S3V3N (BY-ND)
(16:08) Capital of Rain by Marche Funèbre from Into the Arms of Darkness (BY-NC)
(24:54) In Search Of The Perfect Skin by Rotten Casket from Emerged From Beyond (BY-NC-ND)
(30:28) Self-Reflected by We Exist Even Dead from Meet No End (BY-NC-SA)
(34:56) My Revolution by Oblivion’s Garden from Outbreak (BY-NC-ND)
(42:24) Cargo Cult by Kraanston from Dead Eyes EP (BY-NC-SA)


Mars 2018 :: Radiocast #000 (surprise) – Open Metalcast Episode #169 : Strategic Metal Heist

Playlist du podcast 168 :
(00:11) Kinderlied by Forgenheim from Kinderlied (BY-SA)
(04:48) The Tree of Knowledge by Abhorrent Castigation from Throne of Existential Abandonment (BY-NC-ND)
(07:59) De Rerum Humana by Spiritual Deception from Spiritual Deception EP (BY-NC-ND)
(12:18) Omnivoid by (EchO) from Devoid Of Illusions (BY-NC-ND)
(20:39) Ghosting by Coma. from Agony | Hophek (BY-NC-ND)
(26:03) Pytanie by Moron from Świt EP (BY)
(29:18) Fight by BlackStar from From The Ashes (BY-NC-ND)
(35:04) Kerker und Drachen by Iron Kobra from Kerker & Drachen (BY-NC-SA)