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Juillet 2019 :: Radiocast #016 – Open Metalcast Episode #190 : Focus

Putting together an episode of Open Metalcast can sometimes be a challenge in focus for me. Sometimes I get distracted by the music that I’m looking for (woe be the rabbit holes that occur when I’m looking for the perfect tracks). Other times I can get distracted when I’m waiting for something to finish downloading or for an episode to finish encoding. It can get frustrating having all of those distractions competing for my attention. But when a show comes together and I’m previewing the tracks it can really energize me to completet he episode. And when you have bands like OVERRULED, EntröpiaH, Richard III, DANTALION, Discommand, Gods & Punks, Lojohh, and Kekal filling your ears you suddenly get laser focused on ensuring that folks like yourself can hear this episode as soon as possible. So sit back with your favorite podcast listening apparatus and give the music the focus it deserves.
(00:11) Evil Minds by OVERRULED from 2013 EP (BY-NC-ND)
(04:27) Hydra by EntröpiaH from Bestiarum Split w/ Test (BY-NC-SA)
(06:15) Woodflesh by Richard III from RICHARD III – Early Demos & Live (1990-92) (BY-NC-ND)
(10:15) Gloom and Doom by DANTALION from The Seventh Wandering Soul (BY-NC-ND)
(15:26) Tomorrow’s Panopticon by Discommand from World Prison EP 2018 (BY-NC-SA)
(19:15) Dunes of Doom by Gods & Punks from Into the Dunes of Doom (BY-NC-ND)
(24:47) Tänä iltana by Lojohh from Tosikertomuksia havumetsien maasta (BY)
(29:25) Quiet Eye by Kekal from Quantum Resolution (BY-NC-ND)

Août 2019 : Redif’

Juillet 2019 :: Radiocast #015 – Open Metalcast Episode #189 : Unoctennium

The atomic number 189 denotes a hypothetical eka-superactinide called “Unoctennium”, which sounds very similar to the fictional material called “Unobtanium”. Unoctennium has not been observed in the wild yet, but should it exist it’s already been named. What does this have to do with metal music? Not a damn thing, save for I’m writing up show notes for episode 189 and that was the most interesting thing that happened with the number 189 (other than some emperors and a pope dying) so this is tangentially related to metal. Plus it’s kinda cool to think about metals that we think might exist but don’t yet. Who knows, maybe we’ll observe it in our lifetime. But what we can observe are tangible artifacts of amazing Creative Commons Metal Music. We have tracks from Dead Empires, Chaos in Paradise, Under Vultures, Zeugen der Leere, Eave, TRAIDOR, VSTRS, and Beastmaker to give your ear drums the Creative Commons metal music punishing they deserve. And you won’t have to wait for science to catch up in order to discover these in the wild. Just give them a listen. Even better: check out the albums that these tracks come from and capture them in your own private archive. Do it for yourself, for the bands who make the music… hell, do it for science.

(00:10) The Form by Dead Empires from Designed To Disappear (BY-ND)
(05:18) Hearts Apart by Chaos in Paradise from Transversal (BY-NC-ND)
(10:56) To Follow the Wake by Under Vultures from Split with El Hambre – 7” (BY-NC)
(13:09) Flammentraum by Zeugen der Leere from Erinnerungen an Theia (BY-NC)
(26:22) Staining the Ore by Eave from Banners to the Moonswept (BY-NC)
(32:28) Violento by TRAIDOR from Holocausto Cotidiano (BY-NC-ND)
(40:27) Brilliant Violence by VSTRS from Pandemonium Seesaw (BY-NC-SA)
(46:16) Skeletal Rider by Beastmaker from EP. 9 (BY-NC)

Juin 2019 :: Radiocast #014 – Open Metalcast Episode #192: Shuffle’s Dozen

A dozen tracks, picked mostly at random by the caretaker of the Open Metalcast Library. The only criteria was they couldn’t have been played in a previous epsiode. We have tracks from Demimonde, Wasting The Genesis, Traboute, TOAD, offense, CEMENTERIO, Vatican Falling, Pain Factor, Grimoff, Dantalion, Concrete Foundation, Beastmaker, and Tyson Boogie waiting for you.

(00:31) Dark Matter by Demimonde from Cygnus Oddyssey (BY-NC-ND)
(07:54) Development: Outbreak by Wasting The Genesis from Viral Supremacy (BY-NC-ND)
(11:02) Queila no día 2 by Traboute from Zuna (BY-NC-ND)
(14:48) Amphibious Overlord by TOAD from DRONE THRONE / TOAD (BY-NC-SA)
(18:07) Shining Dawn by offense from Aside (BY-NC-ND)
(25:29) Vestal by CEMENTERIO from Luna Hiena (BY-NC-ND)
(28:37) Dead End Dream by Vatican Falling from Famine (BY-NC-ND)
(32:00) Leave it Alone by Pain Factor from 8 Seconds (BY-NC-SA)
(37:28) Liar by Grimoff from Twisted Games (BY-SA)
(42:28) Onward to Darkness by Dantalion from Return to Deep Lethargy (BY-NC-ND)
(51:13) Common Waste by Concrete Foundation from Until the and. (BY)
(57:09) Midwich by Beastmaker from EP.6 (BY-NC)
(1:00:24) Rock Your City by Tyson Boogie from First Round (BY-NC-SA)


Mai 2019 :: Radiocast #013 – Open Metalcast Episode #191: Odious Ouroboros

It’s in the middle of April, just before tax time in the United States. The weather doesn’t want to cooperate here at Open Metalcast headquarters, moving from sunshine and warmer temperatures to wintery-mix and chilly temperatures. But what you can rely on is some amazing Creative Commons metal music to help make life more bearable. And as Peculate to accurately points out: “April is the cruelest month”. Indeed.

We have an amazing assortment of metal music in this episode, featuring music from Spiritual Deception, Cyranoi, SLAVE ZERO, Lamorte, Gmork, Drone Throne, Arkham Witch, and Peculate. It’s an audible assault you won’t want to miss.

(00:11) In Memory of Me by Spiritual Deception from Etemenanki (BY-NC-ND)
(05:25) Coalesce (ft. Ville Tikkanen) by Cyranoi from None (BY-NC-ND)
(09:46) I Defy by SLAVE ZERO from SLAVE ZERO – THE DEFIANT STAND (2002) (BY-NC-ND)
(13:37) Air by Lamorte from Vie (BY-NC-ND)
(15:55) VII by Gmork from Silentium! (BY-NC)
(20:31) Astro Binge by Drone Throne from DRONE THRONE / TOAD (BY-NC-SA)
(23:58) Legions of the Deep by Arkham Witch from Demos From the Deep (BY-NC)
(31:10) April Is the Cruelest Month by Peculate from None (BY-NC-SA)

Avril 2019 :: Radiocast #012 – Open Metalcast Episode #188: Minimalist Metal

Nothing Special
Nothing Funny
Just some Creative Commons Licensed metal music
to blow your eardrums out.

We’ve got an amazing show lined up with an array of no-nonsense metal from Obskkvlt, Violblast, Homicidal Raptus, Debilitator, Absolute Zero, Kill Them With A Toaster, Vitne, and Abstract Void.

(00:10) Demons by Obskkvlt from Blackarhats (BY-NC-ND)
(04:34) Painless by Violblast from Theater of Despair (BY-NC-ND)
(06:55) The Pride Sanitarium by Homicidal Raptus from Erotomanic Hallucinosis (BY-ND)
(10:45) Bloodsucking Freaks by Debilitator from Bloodsucking Freaks (BY-NC-SA)
(15:21) Left Becomes Right by Absolute Zero from Sign Us, You Bastards (BY-ND)
(20:05) Where’s The Fucking Money by Kill Them With A Toaster from Brutal Family Presents: A Spanish Compilation 4 (BY-NC-SA)
(23:07) Destroyer by Vitne from Destroyer (BY-NC-SA)
(27:00) As I Watch the Sunset Fade by Abstract Void from Back to Reality (BY-NC-ND)

Mars 2019 :: Radiocast #011 – Open Metalcast Episode #187: Tidy Metal

If seems the Marie Kondo bug has hit the Open Metalcast studios. We took all of the tracks in the Open Metalcast Archives and saw which ones still sparked joy. Or rather, which ones could stop vibrating long enough to put into the episode. We have some great Creative Commons-Licensed Metal for you, including tracks from Grey Heaven Fall, Violblast, Kekal, Amiensus & Oak Pantheon, Black Market Serotonin, 114 Kassandra, Sound of Ground, Katu Veo, and Seajeff. These tracks are ready to vibrate into your ear drums, and if you like them be sure to pass them along to a friend. They would be most grateful if you did.
(00:10) Swansong Of Your Dream by Grey Heaven Fall from …grey heaven fall (BY-NC-SA)

(05:09) Wielders of fear by Violblast from Conflict (BY-NC-ND)
(08:55) Artifacts Of Modern Insanity by Kekal from 1000 Thoughts Of Violence (BY-NC-ND)
(14:44) Tanequil by Amiensus & Oak Pantheon from Gathering II (BY-NC)
(19:13) DeadByFiveOClock by Black Market Serotonin from Something From Nothing (BY-NC-SA)
(24:29) Lexicon Lies Dormant by 114 Kassandra from Life Rains the Hardest On Those Who Shine the Brightest (BY-NC-ND)
(29:42) Reboiled by Sound of Ground from Sick (BY)
(36:44) When the Trees Are Falling Down by Katu Veo from None (BY-NC-ND)
(41:45) Changes by Seajeff from Magenta (BY-NC-ND)

Février 2019 :: Radiocast #010 – Open Metalcast Episode #186: Beginnings

Things have been rather erratic here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters. We’ve been rather lax in releasing the metal to you in a timely fashion. One could blame the holidays, but part of it was I was getting behind myself in a lot of things. But my hope in the coming year is that we’ll have more metal to share with you and that metal will be prompt and piping hot when delivered directly to your earbuds. Kind of like pizza delivery, but without that awkward moment when you’re tipping the driver. We have a great selection of metal from Grott, Mind Holocaust, NEPHRIDIUM, Morgana vs Morgana, Mirloblanco, Harbinger of Storms, Luca Deriu, and Robot(A) to tantalize your tastebuds.
Here’s to a new year and many more moments of Creative Commons Metal Music.

(00:11) Kalt_Heiß by Grott from Schattenjahre (BY-NC-SA)
(02:22) Slay Them by Mind Holocaust from Full Eye Horror Reflect (BY-NC-ND)
(05:28) Sorrow Of The Heavens by NEPHRIDIUM from NEPHRIDIUM – THE GREAT WAVE (2008) (BY-NC-ND)
(10:02) Empezar, Cada Vez by Morgana vs Morgana from I. El Camino Inverso Hacia La Luz (BY-NC-SA)
(16:15) Somos el Poder by Mirloblanco from Reinas Salvajes (BY-NC-ND)
(20:32) Dustmen by Harbinger of Storms from Planet Dirt (BY-NC-SA)
(25:26) Eyes in the spirit by Luca Deriu from Mind Phaser: About the world (BY-NC-ND)
(33:02) Entry Velocity by Robot(A) from None (BY-NC-SA)

Janvier 2019 :: Radiocast #009 – Open Metalcast Episode #185: Wending Ways

This episode was going to be completely different. I’d selected a few tracks here and there, but upon hearing the latest Oak Pantheon / Amiensus split the show pretty much demanded a different course. What came together for the show surprised me and I hope it surprises you too. Never let it be said that sometimes things have a way of their own and the best we can do is get out of the way and let them take their final form.
We have a great selection of music from Oak Pantheon, NONE, Blank Faces, Kosmogyr, The Loom of Time, and Kraken to bring your ears along for the ride.

(00:11) A Demonstration by Oak Pantheon from Gathering II (BY-NC)
(07:18) Where Life Should Be by NONE from None (BY-NC)
(16:04) Exit: Me by Blank Faces from A Course Of Infinite Escape (BY)
(24:04) The Wane by Kosmogyr from Eviternity (BY-NC-SA)
(30:10) The Peons of the Cosmos by The Loom of Time from NihilReich (BY-NC-SA)
(36:49) 02-Reign of Chaos by Kraken from Book 1-Vengeance (BY-ND)

Décembre 2018 :: Radiocast #008 – Open Metalcast Episode #183: Temperate Zones

Here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters we’re watching the final vestiges of summer come to a close as the chill of fall settles in. The crunch of leaves under foot greet us before the icy cold of winter stretches its fingers out to embrace us. And as anyone in wintery climates can tell you it’s best to dress in layers for the cold. And what better way to layer up than with layers of Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music to warm your ears. We have an amazing show featuring Dark Devotion, Absolute Zero, Norilsk, Forge of Clouds, Wet Cactus, Opus of a Machine, The Capaces, and Kval. About the only thing that could make this show any better would be warm beverages, but until we figure out how to deliver those over the Internet we’ll have to settle with what we have.

(00:10) Loss by Dark Devotion from Loss (BY-NC-ND)
(05:37) Mr. System by Absolute Zero from Torn (BY-ND)
(10:27) No Sacred Ground by Norilsk from Weepers of the Land (BY-NC)
(18:48) Mahakala by Forge of Clouds from Ordinary Death (BY-NC-SA)
(24:56) Full Moon Over My Head by Wet Cactus from Dust, Hunger & Gloom (BY-NC-SA)
(29:47) Up. Out. by Opus of a Machine from Stray Fire (BY-NC-ND)
(36:24) Poison by The Capaces from Rawness (BY-NC)
(41:10) Harhainen by Kval from Kval (BY-NC)

Novembre 2018 :: Radiocast #007 – Desktop Cat / Thoughts Become Air

#184 :: Desktop Cat

(00:11) Artificial Selection by Hedphelym from Infandous (BY-NC-ND)
(05:20) Ojos Vacíos by EntröpiaH from Cuantas Vidas (BY-NC-SA)
(08:18) Mammoth by Six is the God’s Number from The Slower You Go the Bigger the Mess (BY-NC-ND)
(11:53) Crush The Atheism by COMMUNION from “Communion” (BY-SA)
(15:32) The Time when your Autumn Comes by Gmork from Nocturne EP (BY-NC-ND)
(19:22) Guerrilla Interior by Recuerda Que Puedes Morir from Recuerda Que Puedes Morir (BY-NC-ND)
(22:15) Sold Out Ideals by Insidious Process from Mirrors of the Dead (BY-NC-ND)
(26:04) Thanks But No Thank You by Skankshot from Skankshot (BY-NC-SA)

#182 :: Thoughts Become Air

(00:12) Limitless Fog of Anguish by Skyglow from Thousand Years of Terror (BY)
(06:14) Acid Rain by Colosso from None (BY-NC-ND)
(11:03) Long / Division by Signals From Saturn from Continuance (BY-NC-ND)
(16:32) III. The Silicon Mirror by Potmos Hetoimos from Vox Medusae (BY-NC)
(22:57) Subjected to Disintegration by Chamber of Torture from Behead Before Interment (BY-SA)
(26:02) Inside The Machine by SCALD from SCALD – BORN WITH TEETH (Demo 1997) (BY-NC-ND)
(29:00) The Man From Tomorrow by The Neptune Power Federation from Lucifer’s Universe (BY-ND)
(34:25) Thoughts Become Air by Neurotech from The Catalyst (BY-SA)

Octobre 2018 :: Radiocast #005 – Combined Forces

Here at The Open Metalcast Headquarters we usually make an entire episode in one night. We’ll toil over Audacity tweaking and adjusting until the perfect episode is ready for you to listen to. But sometimes we won’t be able to finish the episode all at once and we’ll leave it on the hard drive waiting to be unleashed. This was such an instance where we’d started the episode and then forgot that we had already uncorked the metal rocket-sauce before. But lest you think that we’re somehow giving you stale metal, or twice-unblessed metal please rest assured that we ensure that all of the metal is vacuum-packed using only the finest artisinal magnetic media. And who wouldn’t want to hear our fine selection of music from Tinnitia, Terrestrial Chaos, cranial incisored, Chivo, SUNNATA, No Hand Path, Kartzarot, and Ark Of Passage? It just goes to show that we will not rest until we bring you the best if Creative Commons Metal Music. Unless we do rest. Then we put it away until we can continue again. playlist :

(00:11) Второе небо by Ark Of Passage from Время жить и время умирать (EP) (BY-NC-ND)
(04:28) Nostradamus by Kartzarot from Kartzarot (BY-NC-ND)
(10:19) Birth of Decision by No Hand Path from An Existence Regained (BY-NC-ND)
(18:06) Outlands by SUNNATA from Outlands (BY-NC-ND)
(25:40) Wasted Time by Chivo from Waiting for so long (BY-NC-ND)
(30:45) Dreaming Illusion ~ Constructing Extinction by cranial incisored from None (BY-NC-ND)
(32:24) 02 – On The Verge of Humanity by Terrestrial Chaos from Pānoptikón (BY-NC-SA)
(35:57) Hydraulic Operated Machinaria by Tinnitia from Live at NomaNooirax Fest (BY-NC-ND)

Septembre 2019 :: Radiocast #004 – Map is Not the Territory

At Open Metalcast Headquarters we take pride in putting together the finest Creative Commons Metal Music available. But sometimes an episode takes on a life of its own. What started off as a pretty straightforward episode suddenly took a few unexpected turns. Not only does this show feature new metal from the comfy realm of 2018 but it also features metal that was released between 1988 – 1990. That’s like a century ago! We didn’t even know they had the Creative Commons license back then (or even the Internet) but they managed to get it into our hot little hands by way of the Irish Metal Archive. How clever! In fact several of the releases range across the years. This episode features metal music from First Fragment, Vendetta Fucking Metal, Necrovile, Hitwood, tod., Human Pollution, Kekal, and MORAL CRUSADE. And rather than wait another 30 years for this music to arrive all you’ll need to do is spend 40 minutes to enjoy it all. Cheaper than a road-trip and twice as fun. Hope you enjoy!

(00:07) Obsolete Ascendancy by First Fragment from The Afterthought Ecstasy (BY-ND)
(04:44) Hombre nuevo by Vendetta Fucking Metal from Inocencia Perdida (BY-NC-SA)
(08:27) Rampage in the Crematorium by Necrovile from The Pungency of Carnage (BY-NC-ND)
(12:20) My Path to Nowhere [feat. Carlos Timaure] by Hitwood from Detriti (BY-NC-ND)
(17:08) Hogwash by tod. from Orange (BY-ND)
(20:49) Ship of Fools by Human Pollution from Ort (BY-SA)
(24:57) Violent Society by Kekal from 1000 Thoughts Of Violence (BY-NC-ND)
(31:16) Act Of Violence (AAOV 1990) by MORAL CRUSADE from MORAL CRUSADE – DISCOGRAPHY (1988-1990) (BY-NC-ND)

Août 2018 :: Radiocast # – Pause d’été

Juillet 2018 :: Radiocast #003 – Open Metalcast Episode #176 : Rules of Acquisition

Here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters we’re always acquiring Creative Commons metal music for the show. We carefully select the finest CC-licensed metal music and run it through a scientific process to ensure the best listening experience possible. And this show is no exception, featuring music from Cara Neir, Epiphany From The Abyss, Anvil of Doom, Altars of Grief, ctrlBrain, Force Events!, Pyrit, The Neptune Power Federation, and Fuzz Forward. And we can pretty much guarantee that a certain Redmond-based software company won’t purchase us for $7 billion any time soon so we’ll continue to bring you the best CC-licensed metal music available.(00:11) Imperialist Design by Cara Neir from Stagnant Perceptions (BY-NC-ND)
(04:56) Generation Of the Hopeless by Epiphany From The Abyss from Generation Of The Hopeless (BY-NC-ND)
(09:58) Turn Your Back by Anvil of Doom from Turn Your Back EP (BY-NC-ND)
(15:35) Her Shadow is the Night by Altars of Grief from This Shameful Burden (BY-NC)
(22:12) Буря by ctrlBrain from Семь (BY-NC-SA)
(24:47) Отрешение / Тонуть или плыть by Force Events! from Force Events! (BY-NC-ND)
(28:29) Šina by Pyrit from Jazdec bez hlavy (BY-NC-SA)
(31:00) Wizard Lovin’ by The Neptune Power Federation from Mano A Satano (BY-NC)
(34:44) Summertime Somersaults by FUZZ FORWARD from Out of Nowhere (BY-NC-ND)


Juin 2018 :: Radiocast #002 – Open Metalcast Episode #174 : Won’t Fade Away

The playlist 174 !

(00:10) Look Inside Your Pain by Godless Truth from Too Late to Stop My Hate (BY-NC-ND)
(06:36) Power and Glory to the Reason by SPAWN OF ANNIHILATION from Inquisitor of Lies (BY-NC-ND)
(13:27) Dismantled And Dissolved by Throne Of Botis from Hymns Of Homicide (BY-NC-SA)
(16:53) God Complex by Catalytic from The Fall (Full Digital Album) (BY-NC-ND)
(21:35) Bed the cold earth by NONE from Life has gone on long enough (BY-ND)
(29:19) Пропаганда (Propaganda) by Antimelodix from Хаос РФ (Chaos RF) (BY-NC-SA)
(34:05) Nadie a quien fallar by Demiurgo from La Virtud del Invitado (Capítulo 2) (BY-NC-ND)
(39:27) Endless by Illuminus from Endless (BY-NC-SA)

Mai 2018 :: Radiocast #001 – Open Metalcast Episode #171 : Engines of Metal

The playlist 171 !
(00:11) What Normality Means? by Head Cleaner from Of Worms and Men (BY-NC-ND)
(02:32) Slaughter by Incinerator from The Stench of distress (BY-SA)
(06:14) Cabezas Huecas by Drop Out from Drop Out (BY-NC-ND)
(07:38) Waltz by With Teeth from Captives (BY-NC-ND)
(10:53) Crisis Atomica by GLAM from Veneno en sus flechas (BY-NC-SA)
(12:14) Termites by Most Likely Forever from S3V3N (BY-ND)
(16:08) Capital of Rain by Marche Funèbre from Into the Arms of Darkness (BY-NC)
(24:54) In Search Of The Perfect Skin by Rotten Casket from Emerged From Beyond (BY-NC-ND)
(30:28) Self-Reflected by We Exist Even Dead from Meet No End (BY-NC-SA)
(34:56) My Revolution by Oblivion’s Garden from Outbreak (BY-NC-ND)
(42:24) Cargo Cult by Kraanston from Dead Eyes EP (BY-NC-SA)


Mars 2018 :: Radiocast #000 (surprise) – Open Metalcast Episode #169 : Strategic Metal Heist

Playlist du podcast 168 :
(00:11) Kinderlied by Forgenheim from Kinderlied (BY-SA)
(04:48) The Tree of Knowledge by Abhorrent Castigation from Throne of Existential Abandonment (BY-NC-ND)
(07:59) De Rerum Humana by Spiritual Deception from Spiritual Deception EP (BY-NC-ND)
(12:18) Omnivoid by (EchO) from Devoid Of Illusions (BY-NC-ND)
(20:39) Ghosting by Coma. from Agony | Hophek (BY-NC-ND)
(26:03) Pytanie by Moron from Świt EP (BY)
(29:18) Fight by BlackStar from From The Ashes (BY-NC-ND)
(35:04) Kerker und Drachen by Iron Kobra from Kerker & Drachen (BY-NC-SA)